LazyFP (???)

%A David Wakeling
%T A Throw-away Compiler for a Lazy Functional Language
%J Proceedings of the Fuji Internation Workshop on Functional and
Logic Programming
%C Susono, Japan
%D July 1995
%P 203--216
%W David Wakeling <>
%X Dynamic cross-compiler for a virtual machine used to run lazy

  • This file is easiest to edit and browse (sometimes) if it is one big file, but it (a) takes forever to load and (b) screws with some browsers. Ideally, it should be possible to build a script that takes the big thing as input and makes it into a bunch of little things. Doing it in a couple of passes would even be alright, so that intra-document links would get fixed up correctly. For example: It's a simple Perl script, write it and get credit for helping out!

  • From instruction-set simulation and tracing